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No More Wasting Precious Time and Spending Hours in The Kitchen with this Ultimate Kitchen Assistant

Wth the Kitchen Yam Pounder and Food Processor, you can:

  • Pound your yam, cocoyam, plantain, etc
  • Make your fufu
    • Grind your meat for meat pie and fish roll
    • Grate okro
    • Extract juice
    • Grind your beans for moi and akara
    • Shred your vegetables
    • Knead your dough for baking
    • Make smoothies
    • Grind your tomatoes and pepper
    • Do dry blending of melon, ogbono and crayfish


    This is the best thing I have ever used my money to buy. I can’t thank you guys enough for this wonderful product. I will send my video testimonial soon.

    Juliet - Tailor

    It pounds yam smoothly, but you can't use it for commercial purpose. I noticed it heats up when I tried to use it for party pounding. But it solves all my home use kitchen problems. I give you guys 5 stars.

    Ella - Caterer

    Excellently magnificient!!!

    I bought this for my wife and her love for me has doubled. The Sony Kitchen Mate Yam Pounder is the ultimate kitchen assistant. It does everything in the kitchen. Wow!!!

    Seun - Technician

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