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Never Get Stranded Again! Your Car Battery can Fail You at Any Time!!!!

With the Car Powerbank Jumpstarter, you can:

  • Start yoour car in case of an emergency battery failure
  • Charge your  Laptops
  • Charge your Mobile phones
  • Use the 3 mode torchlight in the dark
  • Use it as a hazard light 
  • Use the blade attached in case of emergency
  • Jumpstart your car 20 times in one full charge
  • Use it to power your tyre inflator (just in case you decide to get that too)
  • Use the hammer attached in case of emergency


I was coming back from work one day and got caught up in the Lagos traffic. I decided to put off my car as the gridlock was too thick. And then, when I wanted to start my car, my battery failed me. Thank God I already bought this device.

Barr Lukemon - Lawyer

This is a lot for a small device. I was able to jump start my car 20 times after charging it fully. It comes in handy in case of emergencies. I wanted to test it and it is just so superb. 5 stars!!!!

Isaac - Engineer

It is very strong and durable. I love it. The truth is, you never know when your battery is going to die. And living in Nigeria were there are fake batteries eveywhere, you just have to be armed for unexpected events.

Momoh - Technician

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