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Never Worry About the Whereabouts of your Car or Loved Ones Again!!!!

No more worries about where your children are or what they are doing.

  • PERSONAL GPS TRACKER: The small tracking system uses a SIM card (NOT INCLUDED). It fits into your pocket, attaches to your car, fits into luggage, or can be hidden discreetly to ensure you have maximum visibility at all times.
  • TRACKS MOVEMENT IN REAL-TIME: Track and map (with Google Maps) in real-time on web-based software or SilverCloud App for reliable live tracking of people, vehicles or assets, and receive up-to-date text and email alerts.
  • DISCREET TRACKING: The ultimate in discreet tracking or ‘out of sight, out of mind’; LED lights can be disabled via the app so the device won’t give away its location with glaring flashing lights.
  • WATERPROOF WITH BUILT-IN MAGNET: No additional accessories necessary! Our GPS locator device includes a built-in high strength magnet and is easy to install in or on your vehicle. Device measures 2.25 x 2.25 x 0.80 inches.
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE TRACKING AND REPORTING: Privacy is our top priority. The Spytec GPS platform does not store your information. All account details and data tracking are securely encrypted.


I have always had the fear that people who install the normal tracker in vehicles always know where the wires are connected, so can easily connive with car thieves to steal your vehicles. But with this, I feel so safe that no one knows where the tracker in my car is installed.

Mr Chris - Engineer

This is a lot for a small device. I can't remember the last time I went to the felt this safe leaving my children at home, or when they are away. All I simply do is call the device to know what's going on around them.

James - Businessman

I initially thought 19k for a tracker was not worth it. My God! This device has changed the entire narrative. I can track anyone and anything now. My kids, when going to school or to play or to an uncle's place, my car, my old parents. This is amazing.

Mrs Ajala - Caterer


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