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As a Car Owner/Driver, you can now have Peace of Mind when travelling or driving out of your house.

Even if your car battery fails you in the middle of a forest, you can conveniently jumpstart your car in 30 seconds, without begging for help from a total stranger who might even reluctantly want to help you.

Tyler discovered this product during the Covid - 19 Lockdown. Read his experience below.

     As a car owner, you never can tell when your battery will fail you. This was my experience during the covid - 19 lockdown. I just got a new battery, so I didn't know I would be needing a jumpstart soon. I was really carried away with the whole virus news and the number of cases that were being recorded daily. I totally forgot to put on my car daily to warm it up. I have never had a dead battery from an idle car before, so how was I to know? Besides, my battery was still brand new, so who cared anyways?

     Then came the big day, the day I would never forget in my life. I got a call from a close friend, Festus, who lives a few blocks away from me. Guess the time - 4am. I reluctantly picked the call as it was still very early. What could have warranted such a call? He was so restless, all I could hear was "my son", "my son", "my son". I told him to calm down and talk to me. Then my eyes were as open as a 6 lane road in the middle of the night. He said his son was convulsing and needed to take him to the hospital, any hospital. He tried starting his car, but his battery failed him. So he wanted me drive down and help take his son to a nearby hospital. "Sure, I'm on my way", I said. I hurriedly came outside to drive down to hs block. The next few minutes were like dark clouds. You guessed right, I tried starting my car, and ........BATTERY FAILURE!!!! 

     Oh my Gosh! Is Leonard going to die? What are we going to do? I couldn't even summon the courage to tell Festus that my car battery was equally dead. It was some minutes past 4, are we going to start banging people's gates to come out and give us their batteries to jumpstart our car? No taxies, no bikes, nothing. To cut the long story short, we carried Leonard in a wheelbarrow (yes wheelbarrow), taking turns as we hurried and drove down to a nearby clinic where he was stabilised and treated. 

     I was so pissed that a common battery in a car could have cost a dear loved ones' life. From that day onwards, I researched and discovered many alternatives to looking for help to jumpstart a failed battery. This wasn't fun at all. I practically tried many products. It was crazy!!! I was digging for the goldmine. Until I found something that works. Something that can make you have peace of mind. Something that is very portable and can be carried around. You will be shocked at how such a small device can jumpstart your car. It is amzing!!! The HighPower 50800mAh Powerbank Jumpstarter. Today, I am showing you this same device that has helped me countless times. 

Why Should I Get The Powerbank Jumpstarter?

  • 1
    You never can tell when your battery will fail you. Even a brand new battery can fail. It could be that you forgot to put off the parking light, or your children went to play with your car audio system. Anything, just anything could make your battery run down
  • 2
    You can charge your phones and laptops with this device. How does it feel to have rest of mind that even if there is no power for a long time you can still charge your phones and laptop so you can work on that multi-million naira proposal?
  • 3
    Imagine the joy and satisfaction you will derive when you use this to help someone that needs this. You will become an instant HERO. Charging it doesn't take time and it feels great to know you always have a backup plan.

You now have a GOLDMINE at your disposal. This is the greatest investment you can ever make for your car.

Getting this powerbank is an absolute no-brainer!!!

No more getting stranded on the road

You no longer have to push your car embarrasingly out of the road, should your brand new battery fail you.

No more FEAR of uncertainties on the road!

Now you don't need to bother about anything that has to do with battery failure. Just take out your powerbank and jumpstart it!

A family with a jumpstarter powerbank is a happy one

Now you can take your family on vacation and be happy, knowing you won't get stranded on the way.

Portable and Easy to Use

So portable, it can sit comfortably in the glove compartment of the car.

What People Are Saying...

We are offering you this product because we don't want you to be in the situation Tyler found himself before you realise how essential this powerbank is to you. If you are not interested in the product, or probably you are not ready to order yet, that's fine, we will get to meet some other time.

Because we love you, we are offering you the following for FREE

If you Order Today, you will get the following bonuses in addition to your order. These bonuses will be delivered straight to your e-mail address within 12 hours after the product has been delivered. Bonus valid for the first 100 customers ONLY.

Bonus #1: Car Maintenance

Detailed Video Training of the 10 types of Maintenance every car owner should know. Miss this and spend thousands of naira in the mechanic workshop. 

Valued at 450ghs


Bonus #2: Getting Original Battery

Detailed video training on what to look out for before buying your next car battery. Don't fall for those fake battery sellers. This training will educate you on how to purchase car batteries that are original and always last long. DON'T buy your next battery without knowing this.

Valued at 500ghs


Bonus #3: Secret Method of How to Check Car Fault

DON'T allow mechanics scam you. You can easily check what is wrong with your car and then tell the mechanic the exact problem to fix for you. No more stories and lies from mechanics again.

Valued at 450ghs


Bonus #4: Things to Check before Buying a Foreign Used or Ghanaian Used Car

Car Dealers do not always say the truth before they sell cars to you. They lie about the condition the car before it was shipped. Some manipulate the odometer and sell cars with almost dead engines to you. This guide will give you the step by step processes to follow for you to ensure you are buying a clean non-accidented car. DO NOT ATTEMPT to buy another car without knowing these things (VERY IMPORTANT!!!).

Valued at #600ghs

Total Value = 2,000ghs

Because we are just launching this product, we are giving you the powerbank including all the bonuses for 600ghs ONLY.

The bonuses are for the first 100 customers. Once we get to 100 customers or before the timer below hits zero, the bonuses disappear and you'll get the powerbank jumpstarter alone for 600ghs . So act fast before we get to that number. Once we get to 100 customers or before the timer below hits zero, we are sorry, you will have to pay to get the bonuses.

Test the product with a dead battery. If it doesn't start your car, don't pay one cedi

We are giving you a 100 percent guarantee that you will love this product. If the delivery man brings the powerbank to you, test it with a completely dead battery. If it doesn't start your car, don't pay one cedi. 

You also have a 2-year warranty on the product. If anything happens to it within 2 years, you will get it replaced instantly!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Why should I get a powerbank for 600ghs when I can get a new battery for less?

What is the capacity of the powerbank?

How long can it retain power without use?

What kind of cars can it work for?

How can I get a refund?

What is the warranty for this product?

How soon can I get my order?

If you want to be among the first 100 customers, and have all the bonuses included in this package, then click on the link below to get yours now.

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