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Never Get Stranded Again! Your Car Tyre can go Flat at Any Time!!!!

No more worries about how to change your car tyre to with your spare. Now you can do it all alone!!!

  • No more fear of getting stranded on that lonely road at night.
  • No worries about getting your tyres under-inflated or over-inflated
  • Save money in the long run if you make this wise investment now
  • Very portable and easy to carry
  • Save the time you would use changing to a spare and going to the vulcanizer to inflate the tyre
  • Your safety and that of your loved ones are guaranteed, as you won't be left stranded in the middle of nowhere 
  • User friendly and easy to use


I was on my way to see my in-law in the village, only to start hearing one kind of sound in the middle of nowhere. I got down and saw that my car tyre was flat. There was no vulcanizer around. If only I got this product before then. Now I don't even bother again.

Engr Buchi - Engineer

This is a lot for a small device. I can't remember the last time I went to the vulcanizer. Having a car could be a nightmare sometimes. But when you have this kind of devices, you won't feel it too much.

Isaac - Engineer

I initially thought 25k for a tyre pump was too much. But if I calculate how much I have saved so far pumping my tyres myself, it is actually good value for money. Plus to talk of the safety when you are alone in a lonely place and you need to change tyres. It is almost unquantifiable.

Pa Raymond - Rtd Teacher

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