Rear View Mirror Cam

With the Paloma Food Processor - No more spending countless hours in the kitchen

Get rid of all manual and outdated tools. The Paloma Food Processor is the ultimate kitchen assistant.

You can’t go wrong with the Paloma Food Processor

With the Paloma Food Processor, you can:

  • Pound your yam, cocoyam, plantain, etc
  • Make your fufu
  • Grind your beans for moi and akara
  • Shred your vegetables
  • Knead your dough for baking
  • Make smoothies 
  • Grind your tomatoes and pepper
  • Do dry blending of melon, ogbono and crayfish
Other Features:
  • Anti-lock features to protect children
  • Circuit breaker to prevent damage on high current and prevent damage on overloading
  • 2-year warranty card 


I give you guys 5 star

This is the best thing I have ever used my money to buy. I can’t thank you guys enough for this wonderful product. I will send my video testimonial soon.

Juliet – Owerri

Excellently magnificient

I bought this for my wife and her love for me has doubled. The Paloma food processor is the ultimate kitchen assistant. It does everything in the kitchen. Wow!!!

Kendrick – Jos

How Much Does The Rear View Mirror Cam Cost?

                                                       Price = #22,000

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